Community of Altadena

Located about 15 miles from the downtown Los Angeles Civic Center and just north of Pasadena is the unincorporated town of Altadena. With just over 42,000 people nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains, Altadena is certainly one of the most striking locations in Southern California.

The town got its name from Captain Frederick Woodbury who in 1880 purchased nearly 1,000 acres in the area and called the nursery on the property Altadena Nursery” with the word “alta” meaning “upper” and “dena” from nearby Pasadena. Over the next century, Altadena grew modestly as an outlying community of the greater Los Angeles area which is why it retains a small town feel nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Homes for Sale in Altadena

There are a number of different types of homes that range from the modern back to the historic thanks to the long history of this area. From classic Spanish homes and cottages to California Ranch style dwellings, tudors and mid century homes in Altadena are just waiting for you.

The community of Altadena offers a wonderful combination of family friendly living, fantastic location and a myriad of attractions all located conveniently in or near the community itself. For those who want the best of what greater Los Angeles has to offer, Altadena is certainly one of the most attractive places for families to reside.

Points of Interest in Altadena

There are certainly many interesting aspects of Altadena for families and tourists to enjoy, starting with the world renowned Christmas Tree Lane and holiday lights that encompass many of the historic homes in the region. A botanical garden is located on the Cobb Estate and there are parks, recreational centers and trails that lead up into the mountains as well.

Mt. Lowe: The Mount Lowe Railway is one of the most beautiful in the area, a place that once carried passengers into the four resort hotels that were located up in the San Gabriel Mountains. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places back in 1993, this unique setting offers a starting point for the famous Sam Merrill Trail that leads up to Mount Echo.

Zane Grey: The estate of one of the most prolific authors of Western books resides in Altadena. The estate itself is quite beautiful and was built before the Grey family moved into the home in 1918. A studio, library and museum were added by Zane Grey and some of his works are on display in the residence.

Nuccio’s Nursery: Operating since 1935, Nuccio’s Nursery offers rare camellias and azaleas along with many other flowers for the public. This well regarded business is one of the most prominent in the greater Los Angeles area and offers a history of great products and services.

JPL: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is located in Altadena, tracking the many different space missions to Mars, Saturn and beyond. Today, the JPL employs hundreds of people that help us expand our knowledge of the final frontier.

You can find a number of California Ranch homes, classic Spanish designs and a myriad of other types of foothill homes in the region. For more information, please search Homes For Sale In Altadena and contact Stephen Sakai and let him show you what Altadena has to offer for you and your family.